Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Some Thoughts on Gratitude

The media is filled with memes and self-help books urging gratitude. Develop an attitude of gratitude and your entire life will change, you will grow and reach enlightenment! I recall being very frustrated after reading ‘The Secret’ because my opinion of the book was that all we had to do was write down our dreams and somehow, they would miraculously materialise. I am annoyed with the media hype because in both instances I believe that critical information has been omitted.

Gratitude cannot be forced. It cannot be used to manipulate abundance. Gratitude has to be genuinely felt in order to change chemistry and lives. Keeping a gratitude journal because it the trendy thing to do will not change my mindset if I continue to complain or if I am unhappy. Saying "I love you" more frequently will not enhance my life experience unless I really mean it when I say it.

I have discovered that first moving to a state of ease (out of stress, anxiety or anger), will enable a state of gratitude which results in a state of happiness. Working from a space of being okay, is effective. Working from a space of irritation or disgruntlement is ineffective. In order to increase positive input to my brain I must work with the moments I am present and okay, recognise those, and in those moments be grateful.

It comes back to being present. Scribbling in a gratitude  journal at the end of the day, as a chore or because a guru advised it, does not create the energy to transform a life. Thoughts become things. Your body feels emotions. Connect to these. Experience the moment – truly experience it – then be grateful. Change will come and abundance and happiness will follow.

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