Saturday, 22 June 2019

Cold Weather - Friend or Foe?

 I live in Gauteng, a province in South Africa. My city lies  1 645 metres (or 5 400 feet) above sea level. In the Southern hemisphere we have ONLY 3 months of winter. This is how I like it! Long summer days sandwiched between the milder days of spring and autumn. It sounds like bliss! I do not really appreciate extremes of weather.

I should be ecstatic with the region in which I have chosen to live. And my body tells me this is a lie! During the winter months night time temperatures can drop to below zero. This is difficult to abide when your house, and yourself, are not geared for the cold. I am convinced I froze to death in a past life! 

I have an intense dislike for the cold. I bundle myself up in layers and do my utmost to prevent feeling the cold. Alas, I must disrobe to shower and re-robe to fulfill my daily activities. I absolutely hate being cold! I have worn a ski suit to work when the daytime maximum temperature prediction was less than 10°Celsius. For those living in the Northern hemisphere this must sound ridiculous. 

Last night I was cold and grumpy. I realised that this attitude was seriously impacting my quality of life. I need to change my perspective on the cold. There is a notion that what you resist, persists. Does my behaviour and attitude exacerbate the cold?

This morning I rose before the sun, donned my ski gear and went for a walk. I could feel the cold on my cheeks but that is all. As I walked my body warmed up, the sky began to lighten and I heard the birds begin to sing. I was inspired! I was enjoying myself! I was immensely grateful for the choice I made. I undertook to repeat this exercise again during the winter months. Frequently! The cold has reminded me, in a positive manner, that I am alive!

Drop me a line (or write a comment) and ask me how I am progressing....


  1. And I thought it was just me who was feling exceptionally cold this winter. The kitchen is like a cold storage room to be avoided at all times. Definitely there is a need to get the endorphins following.