Friday, 7 April 2017

South Africa in Turmoil

It is the 7th of April 2017 and thanks to decisions made by our President, South Africa is in turmoil and protest. I have spent the last 10 days vacillating between despair and anger. Writing always helps me to make sense of my emotion. How can I manage my fear of the future? And can I, one person, make a difference?

First, the fear. Fear is the opposite of love and separates us from others, planet Earth and Source. I am learning to be in my body by using mindful breathing techniques. I drop the ball alot! BUT the importance of being in our bodies is that it reconnects us to Earth and All That Is. There is a steadiness and steadfastness in this action - and comfort. Feel the love and lose the fear.

If I focus on the fear and uncertainty of our beloved country, I will manifest what I fear the most.

Second, making a difference. Simple actions speak very loudly. Louder than words. It is time to credit ourselves for the difference we make - everyday - in many lives. I made a decision to close my business today.


I am not an activist and have no desire to march but by saying 'No,' to business today I am saying 'No,' to what is happening in South Africa. I hope to encourage others to make a stand. The size of it is irrelevant. Just Do It!

I am in danger of being called naive. I do not buy into politics and I do my utmost to avoid drama. Simple practice of returning to my Source, being grateful and savouring the moment...that's the way for me.

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