Monday, 12 December 2016


Following on from my ‘Aspirations’ blog; a number of thoughts enter my mind and a few lessons have been learned.

What is abundance, and what does it have to do with aspiring to greatness?

When I embarked on this journey of discovery one of the first teachings I came across was “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. “The Secret” taught me about the universal law of manifestation (another topic altogether) and that the Universe is abundant: abundant enough to see to all my needs and beyond, and that I have a right to participate in and enjoy this abundance.

Recently, I learned that in order to ‘claim’ my share of abundance, I must embrace myself and live fully in all my beauty and glory. This resonates with me. If I do not step up and be everything I can be in this world, then I am not fulfilling my role in the Universe. If I am living ‘small’ and not owning and using my talents then what contribution am I making to this abundant Universe. Nothing! And so I have no right to its abundance.

So, I ask again, “Do you aspire to greatness?”

I most certainly do! I am participating 100% in my abundant life!

You know what breaks me? When someone is visibly excited about a feeling or idea or a hope or a risk taken, and they tell you about it but preface it with: ‘Sorry, this is dumb but – ‘.

Don’t do that.

I don’t know who came here before me, who conditioned you to think you had to apologise or feel obtuse. But not here. DREAM so big it’s silly. LAUGH so hard it’s obnoxious. LOVE so much it’s impossible.

And don’t you ever feel unintelligent. And don’t you ever apologise. And don’t you ever shrink so you can squeeze yourself into small places and small minds.

GROW. It’s a big world. There’s room. You fit. I promise.”
-       Owen Lindley

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