Thursday, 12 July 2018

Growth and Change

I am surprised to see that my last post was more than a year ago! I promise not to bore you with all that has happened during that time! Suffice it to say that much has occurred which brings me to the title of this post.

Many people have come and gone from my life - in all spheres. Each time this necessitates change. For many change is scary and an enormous challenge. It is no different for me but I have come to welcome change because of the personal growth it brings. Sometimes I do hang my head in despair, move into victim mode, and randomly lament to the Universe, "Why me?" 

The answer to that question has motivated me to revisit writing. Putting pen to paper has always been a form of release for me. The process of writing allows me to arrange my thoughts and often receive answers and inspiration. Sometimes when I reread a piece in my journal I marvel at the fact that I produced it. I am encouraged to share my discoveries, tribulations, lessons and growth as part of answering the question, "Why me?" 

This blog has always been more about my ideas as opposed to a scientific discussion. So, I invite you to journey with me as I try to figure out what life is about. Share with me my troubles and my joys. Converse with me about what you have mastered and what remains a difficulty. 

Let's have some fun. Let's create magic!

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