Sunday, 2 September 2018


 What inspires you? I am inspired by personal stories of triumph. It is true, that despite appearances, everyone is fighting some battle: an abusive partner, a dying parent, a desperately ill child, no money for food or simply a terrifying exam. Remember this and be kind and gracious to all that you meet.

I am inspired by finishers of the Comrades Ultra marathon - especially those that have a full time job and are not paid to run. I receive inspiration from the mother of a special needs child who ensures that her child has everything she can provide before thinking about her own needs. I am inspired by tireless Hospice workers and welfare volunteers. Successful business people inspire me - specifically those that share their wealth and knowledge. 

I am inspired by a single person I met this week that took the time to listen to my story - parts of it - and recognised by humanness without judgement. This space happens when there are no preconceived ideas and notions of how someone should behave. I have great clarity and immense peace because one person took the time, created a safe space, and allowed. What a huge difference this has made to me.

What difference can you make today? Can you repeat it tomorrow? And the day after? What inspiration are you to those who cross your path?

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