Sunday, 24 January 2016

Old Patterns and New Challenges

 In our modern, fast-paced world time is always short. In a practice that prides itself on spending time with client and patient, this also holds true. so, how does one juggle time?

A while ago I travelled to the USA to attend a physical rehabilitation symposium. I was exposed to many new and exciting possibilities. Upon my return, there was the usual demand for my expertise, always intensified when I have been away. I moved straight into my old patterns of practise. The ease with which we 'do what we have always done' is not surprising. It is efficient and saves time.

I was ambling along as usual, comfortable in my therapeutic processes. My patients were responding to therapy so why change? Recently, my boat was rocked again!

A rehabilitation colleague spent a few days at our facility. Her forte is manual therapies. She always says her hands are her best pieces of equipment, and they are the least expensive. It was a joy to watch her work. I asked her to evaluate a few of my 'tricky' patients and I gained new insight into the value of manual therapy. Whilst I do not have her experience in this field, I have much knowledge to utilise, and I have attended joint mobilisation and massage courses. I also have excellent palpation skills after years of performing acupunture. But in the face of her example, I realised how I had underutilised and undervalued these skills.

Stimulated by her demonstrations, I have focused on integrating more of these hands on techniques in my day to day routine. The results are nothing short of spectacular!

My existing patterns have been challenged and I have emerged revitalised, with a set of skills I previously failed to use because I perceived that I had insufficient time. I have adjusted my schedule to examine all the new techniques and ideas to which I have been exposed. Can I use them in my practice? Do they require extra equipment, and at what price? These are my new challenges. I intend to emerge triumphant!

I urge you to evaluate your patterns and time management, honestly. What knowledge do you have that is lying dormant, waiting for release? Explore these opportunities to break through stagnation and habit. Accept the challenge. You will be pleasantly surprised!