Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Space – Kyle Bond

In a previous blog I mentioned ‘space’, particularly with regard to creating and holding space. What do I mean?

Over the last three weeks I met, and have treated, a 6 year old Dachshund called Kyle. He presented with severe back pain (especially at the thoracolumbar junction) and muscle spasm. If someone walked past him and was too close, he screamed. Palpation and treatment were challenging. Add to this a hind limb weakness and ataxia (wobbliness) and I was dealing with a very miserable dog, and an extremely concerned guardian.

Kyle’s mom, Anthea, had been to the local veterinarians. They had correctly diagnosed the problem and advised surgical intervention. Kyle had a ‘slipped’ disc (prolapsed) which was putting pressure on the spine, creating the severe pain and hindquarter compromise. Anthea wanted to explore other avenues before putting Kyle through surgery. The veterinary practice referred them to me.

After examining Kyle I agreed with the diagnosis and so our conversations began. Anthea was looking for an option that allowed Kyle’s body to heal itself, and we would offer support. Anthea absolutely believed in the power of intention. Kyle’s medication consisted of analgesics and muscle relaxants. Fortunately the drugs chosen had not interfered with the healing process.

I offered acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and energy healing. I explained the risks involved with surgery, as well as the risks present if we choose to treat ‘conservatively’. Anthea chose the latter.

Acupuncture was painful for Kyle. I used homeopathic remedies which reduce pain and inflammation, and others which aid in the healing of damaged nervous tissue. I applied traction. We spoke a lot about intention and meditation. By the third visit (10 days after the first) Kyle was still sore and was struggling to stand. He was worse! Anthea was in tears and justifiably distraught. My veterinary training was screaming at me to send him to surgery. It was a Friday. We decided to hold out for the weekend and our healing efforts intensified.

On Monday he was better!!! We were smiling through our tears.

What does this story have to do with space? Firstly, I created a safe place in which healing could occur. I focus much energy on creating this space. If a person or patient does not feel safe, healing cannot occur.

Secondly, Anthea and I held that space. Through intention and meditation the safe space was maintained for Kyle.

Thirdly, we allowed Kyle to heal. Yes, we intervened with medicines and practices but all of them were chosen specifically because they enhanced and supported the body’s natural repair mechanisms. In this safe space we allowed healing.

We all have the ability to focus to create and hold a space. I do it for my patients. Guardians enhance that. My team add their value and intention, as well as their abilities. We all help each other to maintain the space to facilitate healing. When we do that we allow the body to access the knowledge inherent in its cells and DNA. What is the result? A Miracle!


  1. This is such a brilliant concept, Tanya.
    We can hold all sorts of healing and 'other' space for our loved ones (humans and otherwise). Having the space to be happy, whole and at peace, makes a huge difference to healing and well-being.

    1. I agree Kim, and it is something we often forget, or don't think about. How content and complete would we be as humans if we had such a space?