Sunday, 16 August 2015


Life is a cycle. We are born, we live, we die. The earth revolves around a cycle: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The cycle continues despite our best efforts to remain in one part of the cycle.

Our lives can be broken down into smaller cycles. We go through phases of conception, where new ideas are born and explored. Then we are energized into action and these plans become real. This is often a frenetic, exciting time as we watch our creation grow. If we are fortunate, this plan becomes a creature in its own right and may branch off with its own creations, or it may move along at a comfortable pace. Once this phase is reached we should reap the fruits of our labour. Sit back and enjoy the creation. With time, this creation will no longer serve us - the world changes, and so do we. We should embrace this end and peacefully allow this phase to move along and transition into death or winter. New thoughts and ideas will be bubbling just beneath the surface, waiting for expression. Allow it.

Too often we want to hold onto a 'good' thing when it has served its purpose. We should, rather, gracefully let it go.

So it is with physical death. As humans, we need to find some belief regarding what happens after death. This will bring us comfort when the time comes for death. I attended a funeral of a good friend. The pastor was specifically speaking to the children (my friend had three young children) when he said that when a person dies, it is as though they are in the room next door. We cannot see them, nor hear them but our loved ones are present. I hold on to this thought. My loved ones (human and animal companions) are not dead. They have merely transitioned into another plane and have begun a new cycle. When my mind removes the restriction of a physical form, I realise that they are, indeed, right next to me. If I focus on what I remember of their essence, I can feel them. I surrender into this space and once again share with my beloveds. This affords me great comfort, and I know peace.


  1. I really love the image of our beloveds being just in the other room. Thank you for sharing Tanya

    1. Hi Kim. It is as I said, if I close my eyes I can feel them.....Hope it has brought a measure of comfort.