Tuesday, 28 June 2016

What is Right with You?

I am the Creator of my own destiny. The choices I have made have resulted in my present life. It is currently a time of great stress in that I have, once again, said, “Yes,” when I should have established a boundary. Time flies past in a blur of appointments, reports and deadlines.

When I feel overwhelmed my emotions run high. I struggle with other people’s actions and decisions which affect me. I begin to view myself as the common denominator. The result is that I turn inwards and ask, “What is wrong with me?” I have spent a lifetime asking this question.

Tonight, after a tiring and exhausting week (it’s only Tuesday) and a lunch-time melt down, I rephrased the question. “What is right with me?”

This is what I discovered. I am hard-working and honest, bold and brave, intuitive and sincere. I care. I care to the point where it is detrimental to my well-being. I love. I love deeply and am often hurt. I trust. I trust completely and find disappointment. But, despite all of this, I rise every morning and put myself out there to experience THIS life. This glorious, beautiful and frustrating life.

I am alive and the Master of my own destiny. I can choose to view this existence in any way I please. Right now, I choose to ask, “What is right with me?” I am thrilled with my answers.

I dare you to delve into those areas that society frequently asks us to deny. Be honest with yourself if I ask, “What is right with you?”

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