Wednesday, 6 April 2016


During the last month I have been fortunate to travel for both business and pleasure, locally and internationally.

I have a number of friends scattered along the Garden Route. All of them opened their doors and invited me into their sanctuaries. For this I am truly grateful and incredibly blessed.

The weeks preceding my journeys were filled with hectic days, brimming with appointments, business commitments and looming study and lecture deadlines. To say I was stressed would be a gross understatement. I felt I was on the brink of collapse – again.

Each one of my friends embraced me completely. I was involved in Friday evening family traditions, without a hint that I may be imposing. Others prepared the most delicious meals, all put together with love and care. Achievements were shared. I was privy to innermost feelings and fears.

I discovered aspects of my friends that I never knew. I was able to relax totally, drop all pretences, speak my mind and my heart without fear of rejection. This is such a precious gift. I thank each one of you for making it happen. I treasure the space – always.

What I also experienced in these relationships was a deep devotion to each other, complete trust and mutual respect. To experience and recognise this, once in a lifetime, is rare. To share this with four consecutive sets of people, in a short space of time, has changed my perceptions. It is utterly inspiring!

The result, at the end of the week, was more confidence and a brilliantly successful day spent presenting lectures. What fun I had!

So a huge thank you to all of these special people. Thank you for being part of my life.


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